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Hola folks Dean Corral Koral here, Welcome to CNN but not that CNN because, copyright. On tonights 6'o clock special woman who was quite literally stuck in the 50's is now out if her loop. That's right as of today, after 50 years stuck in what seemed to be an endless torture. Cheryl Washington has finally been released from her suffering and now is only 23 years of age! For those who don't recall Cheryl was only 21 which means that only one year has passed. Now scientists don't exactly know how this sudden pull out will affect Ms Washington but who knows really. Let's just hope it's hilarious

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In other news,Man murdered by music! Now this story is...Irregular to say the least. So here's the scoop, the survivor of the attack Brian Maysler Claims "I was walking with my best bud Henry Ellington Roberts (or HER is what he liked to be called), in the park around Twelve O clock. Then all of a sudden outta nowhere a man dressed up as a music note came outta the bushes and started shreiking. We thought he was insane and a harmless junkie, then out came the firearm and he shot Henry dead in the chest. As I was running I noticed the man had vanished.Later after I got away I realized he wasn't crazy but he was screaming as a way to cover up the gunshot". After the murder Brian went to local Queens athourities and reported what the man looked like. He has been identified as 32 year old Fedrick E Planetman and he has yet to be apprehended and put to rest.

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Well folks that's all the news we can legally share after our agreement with CNN. Have an excellent night or whatever.

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